Always on a honey badger lookout

There can be snakes, hyenas or closing doors on your way. If you’re still on the hunt for that sweet, sweet honey and determined enough, you’ve reached home.

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Searching for our kind

honey badger

[huhn-ee baj-er]

The innovator of the animal kingdom. Not bigger or faster, but more clever and determined than all other animals in the jungle

We are investing between €50k – €150k in seed and pre-seed companies that make our world a better place.
Our focus is cleantech and SaaS companies in emerging markets but we have the luxury of being flexible if something interesting from other industries comes up. We’re not a fund. You see, we too are honey badgers

Companies we believe in

Our portfolio
  • Grünfin

    A sustainable investing platform for people who care about their impact.

    Tallinn, 2023
  • Reverse Resources

    AI-supported SaaS platform for streamlining textile-to-textile recycling

    Tallinn, 2022
  • Cuploop

    Automated collection and deposit refund for reusable packages

    Tallinn, 2022
Our portfolio