Founders who earned their badge

Meet the ones that honour the name of the honey badger. They have the expertise, confidence and grit necessary to tackle the problems we see as important.

  • Grünfin

    A sustainable investing platform for people who care about their impact.

    Tallinn, 2023
  • Reverse Resources

    AI-supported SaaS platform for streamlining textile-to-textile recycling

    Tallinn, 2022
  • Cuploop

    Automated collection and deposit refund for reusable packages

    Tallinn, 2022
  • Mate Academy

    Training people to become software engineers for free until they get a job

    Kyiv, 2021
  • Notably

    Helping teams collect, analyse, and share research

    Florida, 2021
  • Storadera

    A fast, transparent and secure cloud storage service that aims to make highly scalable storage easy for companies to adopt

    Tallinn, 2021
  • Patchstack

    Allowing developers to protect websites from plugin vulnerabilities with the help of ethical hackers community

    Pärnu, 2021
  • VOK Bikes

    An electric cargo bike designed for busy cities and efficient deliveries

    Tallinn, 2021