"We do what we do to sustain life on earth and so that in 10 years, Woola will be operating in a world where global warming has stayed below 1.5°C."

Anna-Liisa Palatu, Founder

Woola takes the waste of one industry – leftover wool – and uses it to solve the waste problem of another – online shopping.

We see the way how to tackle the challenges concerning global shipments and how to find the solutions for it, given that:

  • Most online stores use plastic bubble wrap to ship fragile items, adding to the global plastic pollution problem.
  • More than 100 billion parcels are shipped every year globally, commonly packed in bubble wrap. Bubble wrap degrades in 500-1000 years and is a large polluter.
  • Sheep wool is a globally unused resource – more than 200 000 tonnes of wool is thrown away in Europe every year.
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Tallinn, 2021